We are a technology company focusing on safety equipment for motorcycles and automotive vehicles. We aim to create innovative products that go beyond traditional safety. We go the extra mile to ensure that our company has the most unique, effective, and revolutionary products. We don’t take the easy route, we take the smart route.

About our product

AirBagForBike is a revolutionary motorcycle safety system which deploys an airbag that surrounds the rider. It uses technology that is able to sense when the motorcycle is in a crash, and knows not to deploy if the motorcycle is not in any serious danger.


The airbag does not have to be taken with the passenger. It is built directly into the motorcycle seat (which can be easily exchanged and replaced) and the passenger merely has to buckle himself in, like in a car.


In case of an accident, the seat ejects with the rider and the airbag quickly forms a cocoon around him to protect him from impact.


Our prototyping is currently in the preliminary phase and we have so far developed a prototype with sensors, a preliminary inflation system and rudimentary airbags.